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          About Us

          About Us

          service phone 15919017707

          About Us Speech Company Culture
                Guangdong Lidao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a large and medium-sized enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of air compressors.With advanced technology, complete production and testing equipment, the company is far ahead in production and marketing. The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of "making excellent quality and building a hundred year brand", is a screw air compressor superior to the same industry in environmental protection and energy saving in China, and constantly pursues continuous improvement of products, production and system, which improves the performance, quality and reliability of products day by day,and makes our research, development and manufacturing capacity take a new step in the manufacturing technology of screw air compressor. The quality has reached the first-class level in the world, and some products have been exported to supporting Southeast Asia and European and American markets.
                With the advanced vector frequency conversion control technology of air compressor, Lido intelligent technology produces each permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor that achieves the national second level energy saving effect. Some products are super energy efficient. Lido screw air compressor has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, small volume, low cost, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, etc. The product adopts intelligent module control system, good man-machine interface, realizes fault self diagnosis, servo type air volume automatic regulation and 24-hour unattended operation, which is one of the most advanced models at home and abroad. At present, Lidao brand air compressor is widely used in metallurgy, electronics, military industry, machinery, furniture, textile,chemical fiber, medicine, food and environmental protection industries. The company will increase its own product innovation, accelerate the internationalization process,realize the scale economy and leap forward development, become a Chinese air compressor manufacturer with international competitiveness and international popularity,become one of the top 100 air compressor manufacturers in the world, and realize "the first brand of China's air compressor, the first flow air compressor manufacturer in the world".
                The company adheres to the realm of "people-oriented, product zero defect, service zero distance". Through scientific management, technological innovation and brand service, the company continuously improves the comprehensive operation ability and market competitiveness of the enterprise, makes every effort to build a strong brand, and wholeheartedly contributes to the revitalization and development of China's compressor industry.
                Lidao brand is one of the top selling brands of Guangdong Lidao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and has a certain popularity in the Pearl River Delta. In the future, Lidao will go all the way to a higher starting point and strive to build a leader in permanent magnet screw machine technology in China.

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